Purple Justice:

This project is a cooperative side scrolling action platformer. The project was developed during 3 months using Gamebryo Lightspeed and PhysX in a team of 8 (4 artists, 4 programmers). I was lead programmer for this project and worked on the tech, tools, effects and core systems. I also managed the tasks of the programmers and communicated to the artists throughout the developement cycle.

Download (39.9mb – executable build) 
Download PhysX system software
Download redist pack (DirectX, VC++2008)

Snow Car:

This project was our first introduction to the rendering system for Gamebryo. The project imlpements tonemapped bloom, Parrelel Split Shaddow Mapping, hardware instanced meshes and procedural mesh generation. The project was completed individually over 4 weeks.

Download (3.36mb – Source and executable build)

Gravity Well:

This project was a PhysX puzzler that required the player to move the items to reach the end of the level. The player was able to minipulate gravity and use items such as “magboots” to navigate through the level. This project had a 3 week period to complete. I worked on the core systems, level editor, sound, particle system and half of the level design.

Download (17.8mb – Source and executable build)

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